Foreigners in Prague

Are you considering moving to Prague? Or are you already here? Having lived in a foreign country myself, I know how challenging this experience can be. I am here to make it more comfortable and less stressful for you.

Who am I?

I am a woman with 10+ years’ experience in education. I have taught both Czech for foreigners and English to students of all ages and various language levels. I have also worked in bilingual preschool settings and translated at various offices in everyday situations. I was also a deputy director at a Montessori bilingual preschool. In September 2018 I finished a one year coaching programme so I became a certified coach.

I hold the following diplomas:

  • Czech Language and Literature (Bachelor Degree)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (Bachelor Degree)
  • Management of Education (Master Degree)

What can I help you with?

  • Learning Czech and getting to know the Czech life style! On my blog you can also follow my online lessons or blog posts about living in the Czech Republic, the Czech life style, tips for trips in and out of Prague.
  • Feel like home here. From assisting at various offices, translating to finding the best school for your children.
  • Planning your big day in Prague – from A to Z
  • Helping you create your travel itinerary
  • Coaching sessions – In September 2018 I became a certified coach and I am happy to provide you my services also in English.

My strongest assets:

  • Communicational skills – I love writing and playing with words, of course it is much easier in my mother tongue. Often times writing works as a therapy for me – when I write I heal and get to know things. Even in communication with others there are situations in which I catch myself paying more attention to the form more than to the content 😊. I guess that this is also the result of my Czech language studies at the Faculty of Arts.
  • Organization skills – Do you need help organizing your big day? Do you want a minute-to-minute itinerary? I am your person! Planning and organizing everything is simply my thing. Truth be told, it does make things a little harder in my personal life 😊.
  • Detail orientation – It shows in not forgetting charging the camera before an event planned or in choosing the right shade of pink for the wedding ceremony tables or in labelling plastic food containers and the lids with the same letters to avoid hoarding the unfitting ones.
  • Empathy – I believe I can quite easily put myself into someone else’s shoes.
  • Responsibility – I always act so at the end of the day I can say that I did my best in that certain moment. I take my work seriously, am loyal and take all responsibility for all tasks given.

Looking forward to your inquiries on!

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